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Wood Torchiere Floor Lamp

Tips in Choosing Wood Floor Lamp

Wood floor lamp will be a great choice for you who need a lighting that can give you a style. Well, actually you can place floor lamp anywhere in your house either inside or outside your house. There are a lot of floor lamp styles that you can apply in your house. Then, the best […]

Sliding Closet Doors Wood

Sliding Wood Doors, Everything You Need to Know

Sliding wood doors can be a great idea to apply in your house. When you are going to build or rebuild your house, you may consider about door you are going to choose. Whether it is about the types, styles, or designs, exactly you will take it into account. Then, wooden sliding doors can be […]

Wood Dog Crate end Table

What You Need to Know About Wood Dog Crate

Wood dog crate is a great idea for you who are looking for a dog crate with variety kinds of types and designs. Among other materials such as plastic and wire, wood is actually a good idea for you. It should be safer than wire crates and also more durable than the plastic crates. Furthermore, […]

Wood Carved Wall Art

Wood Wall Art Ideas

Wood wall art is a unique idea to use for decorating your room. There are a lot of wall art made by wood that you can apply to decorate your indoor appearance. Many wall art made by wood comes in unique shape that can be applied for almost every home style. Now, let’s see a […]

Solid Wood Bunk Beds For Kids

Wood Bunk Beds, How to Choose

Wood bunk beds are really good idea for you who want to buy bed for your kids. If you have some kids and do not have enough room for their bed, you will be better to choose bunk beds. Among many kind of wood furniture, bunk beds is one of them that can give you […]

Wood Burning Fireplace Mantels

Wood Fireplace Mantels

Wood fireplace mantels are a good idea to place above your fireplace. It can be useful for placing other things as well as for decorating ideas in your part of house. The mantels usually use above the fireplace and may come in variety materials. There are a lot of types of fireplace mantels that you […]

Wine Rack Wood

Tips on Choosing Wood Wine Rack

Wood wine rack can simply help you to organize your wine bottle. Wood is actually a good material that can be used to make wine rack. Among the other materials, wood has its own style and considered as a durable material. There are many types of wood that you can choose, so you will have […]

Metal And Wood Bookcase

Choosing Wood Bookcase

Wood bookcase is quite good for place in your home. When you have many books and need to make it organize, using bookcase is really good solution to choose. There are many kinds of bookcase made from wood that you can consider according to the styles, colors, and so on. Now, let’s see a little […]

Metal And Wood Coffee Table

Wood Coffee Table for Useful Usage

Wood coffee table can be considered as another way to bring up new ambiance, especially in nature, into your place. If you have already bored enough with the classic touch up here and there upon your home furniture, you can try to fit the woody-style started from your coffee table. Therefore, you will feel like […]

Wall Art Wood Panels

Sophisticated Wood Wall Panels

Wood wall panels somehow can really takes place the trend of placing the tile looks like wood in style upon every home these days. Well, the man made wood appearance really cannot changed the real ambiance and also appearance of the real wood in nature, right? Therefore, if you really want to bring up natural […]