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New products are coming out frequently, and construction machinery has entered a new era
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The heavy-duty forklift with the largest tonnage in Asia was successfully developed. The JV235LC medium-duty excavator was officially launched in Changsha. The first truck-mounted crane was launched to fill the domestic gap. The HMTK-6000 off-road electric-wheeled mining dump truck was successfully launched... The independent research and development results of major construction machinery companies are frequently available. The content of the results is rich and colorful, breakthroughs and history are refreshed. It seems that the construction machinery industry has sprung up to bring a new perspective of "there are great dramas every day, and the dramas are wonderful".

    A few days ago, the 33-ton heavy fork independently developed and manufactured by Sany Port Machinery Co., Ltd. has completed various performance debugging and delivered to customers. The successful development of the 33-ton heavy fork signifies that Sany Port Machinery has matured in the development of heavy fork series products and has officially entered the field of heavy forks, a new mobile port machinery product field, and has a variety of port machinery R&D and manufacturing capabilities. ...

    The truck-mounted crane truck SY9250JSQ3501 independently developed by Sany Port Machinery Division has completed the acceptance and delivery of the whole machine. This is another major breakthrough in the product technology innovation of the Port Machinery Division, marking the first domestic truck-mounted crane transportation. The successful development of the truck filled the gap in this technology in China and broke the monopoly of truck-mounted crane trucks abroad.

    The boom is one of the three major parts of the crane, and its forming quality is directly related to the lifting performance of the crane. Through years of exploration and research, Sany Crane has gradually mastered core technologies such as polygonal boom bending and U-shaped boom bending. On this basis, it has carried out a lot of process research and optimization to achieve the quality and efficiency of the boom. The overall improvement.

New products are coming out frequently, and construction machinery has entered a new era