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Core idea:Let those who want to do things have opportunities, those who can do things have a stage, and those who do things have status and treatment. Only talent is used, true talent must be used.

One is the principle of having both ability and political integrity. The selection and use of talents shall be based on a comprehensive evaluation and the requirements of having both ability and political integrity, insisting that virtuous but not talented are mediocre, talented but not virtuous are villains, and virtue and talent should not be neglected.

The second is the "effect theory" principle. In the use of talents, we do not look at academic qualifications to see ability, do not look at diplomas to see level, no matter what status, education, or age, as long as you do well, do better than others, and have outstanding performance, we boldly use it and entrust it. Important task. At present, the average age of the company's technical staff and middle-level managers is about 35 years old, and the average age of the workshop director is about 30 years old. Although these people are not very old and some of them are not very well-educated, they are capable, motivated, and capable. Our adherence to the "effect theory" employment mechanism has enabled a large number of talents with both ability and political integrity to stand out and become the pillars of enterprise development.

The third is the principle of practice first. "The trial jade has to be burned for three days, and it takes seven years to distinguish it." Over the years, all kinds of professionals who have worked at Zhengde Lixin have been arranged to the production line of the workshop first, so that they can improve in practice, and then pass the public examination to select the best.

The fourth is the principle of survival of the fittest. In the selection of talents, we have realized the transition from "Bole Xiangma" to "Horse selection on the field". Whoever does the best, we will reuse them as talents; otherwise, we will only be eliminated.

The fifth is the principle of "everyone is a talent". In the use of talents, the pattern and mystification should be eliminated, so that the quantity is suitable for the individual. As long as they display the greatest degree of talent in the right position, they are talents with a certain meaning. In accordance with this principle, we arrange each employee to a relatively suitable position according to their level, expertise, experience, character, etc., so that we can make the best use of their talents, and promote the continuous, rapid and efficient development of the company.