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What should I do when I encounter problems with the product?
Time:2020-08-11  Browse:

If you encounter problems with the product, please refer to the following methods to try to troubleshoot the problem:

Please read the product manual and quick installation guide carefully to make sure that the network connection and product network settings are normal.

After referring to the FAQ and product application instructions on the website, you may be able to find answers to related questions.

Please download the latest version of the firmware update or other related software from the website. After the update is completed, please reconfirm whether the problem is resolved.

Please go to the technical forum to inquire about the solutions to related problems. You can also directly register your account and ask your questions on the forum.

Please use the online support form to ask your questions, and the technical support staff will assist you as soon as possible.

If the above steps still fail to solve your problem, please contact the store/retailer/shopping website/system integrator or agent where you originally purchased. Please note that the malfunctioning product must be sent to the original authorized dealer for follow-up repair service.